We help our clients to seek continuous improvement in their business operation. Our consultants have been working in the various service and manufacturing industries such as banking, information technology, manufacturing, logistic and others. With years of experience in business software development, project management, operation research, factory automation, lean manufacturing and production planning and control, they are ready to work with the clients and to meet their needs. ABOUT US We do Consultation Operation Management Analysis Lean Implementation Process Automation and Design Equipment Design Training Simulation Waste Identification and Efficiency Improvement Time and Motion Study Production and Inventory Management Software Flexsim Simulation System Double-E Work Analysis System HOME  SOLUTION  ADVENT2 LABS FLEXSIM  FLEXSIM HEALTHCARE DOUBLE E LOGICALDOC SOLIDFACE SIMLAB SOFT ABOUT US MARKET SUPPORT CONTACT US email address [ CONDITIONS  OF USE ]   [ DISCLAIMER ]       Copyright © 2016 EE SUPPLIES TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED. All rights reserved.   All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  AG NET MARKETING CORP.  We are consultation and service provider, solutions integrator and VALUE ADDED RESELLER of reputable global solution vendors.